Compare And Contrast The Bass And Sheila Mant

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In the short story ‘The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant’, the character Sheila has proven herself to be rude, narcissistic, and self absorbed. On the very first page of the story, the narrator visits Sheila while she is playing a game of softball with her family. Sheila “didn’t seem to see [him] at all,” even though he is right in front of her (The Bass). This just goes to show that she couldn’t care less about anyone but herself, since she wouldn’t pay even an ounce of attention to someone trying to talk to her. Further, when Sheila and the narrator were in the canoe together, she candorly states “I think fishing’s dumb… it’s boring and all. Definitely dumb” (The Bass). This even further proves Sheila’s narcissism because, if she

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