Compare And Contrast The Problems With The Articles Of Confederation Dbq

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Before the Articles of Confederation and their problems, America was (somewhat) whole. Because of the Articles of Confederation, the population was split into two groups: federalists, and antifederalists, both with differing views. The political, economic, and social views of the nation were quite different. Because of the Articles of Confederation, the Great Compromise was created, and, consequently, Congress was made. The House of Representatives in congress had unfavorable rules for smaller states, therefore causing America to spiral into political dissent. For example: states like Virginia had less influence and power in decisions than Delaware (doc. 4). Bigger states had more say because the representatives were relative to the number of free people, the smaller states had less say in bigger and more important issues, as they might not be taken seriously because of their small numbers (doc. 5). As the people made decisions, the bigger state would tend to be more listened too and, as a result, riots and uprisings formed, mostly from the smaller states. …show more content…

Taxing was apportioned due to the size of each state; bigger states would rebel because they were paying much more taxes than a smaller state (doc. 5). The representatives from smaller states would try and enforce taxes so the larger states would have to pay much, much more; the smaller states wouldn 't have to pay much at all. Shays Rebellion was also an outcome that the inability to tax led to; farmers and workers were getting too high of a tax, so they rebelled, later causing the government to rethink its

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