Compare And Contrast Timbuktu And The Odyssey

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Every Journey

In the grand scheme of things, travelling will always be an adventure. Whether it be a hike, a walk, or even a drive to the store, it’s still an adventure. In The Odyssey by Homer, and 600 Miles to Timbuktu by Kira Salak, both Odysseus and Kira had a purpose, and went on a journey to achieve the purpose, expecting a positive outcome. In both journeys, their adventures lead them home, or to a goal, but mainly a positive state of mind.

In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus, a famous Trojan War hero, is lead away from home for twenty years. As such, the only reason he can move forward is the thought of seeing his wife and child. This shows a deeper emotional path for Odysseus. In “The Cruelest Journey- 600 Miles
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