Compare And Contrast W. E. B Dubois And Booker T Washington

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W.E.B Du Bois and Booker T Washington were both major historical african american leaders. During their time period african americans needed somebody to lead them as a race. Someone that was willing to make sacrifices for the sake of a nation. Du Bois and Washington both were the leaders african americans needed but there was a dilma. Washington and Du Bois both had the same goal but they had their different ways of going about it. Both of their philosophies fabricated controversy. Booker T Washington was viewed as a very compromisable guy considering his plan for african americans. He was loved by most whites because of this theory he had. Washington believed in hard work, laborious to be specific. He believed blacks should gain a greater education in trades and earn the respect of the whites. Yes, you heard that right “earn the respect of the whites”. Now you understand why he is a compromisable guy. Even with all the whites have done he still thought they should earn their respect but I’m getting a little bit of topic, back to his philosophy. Booker T Washington wanted the whites to view him and his black piers as their equal. However, there was a problem with that. His solution would take much longer than certain people thought …show more content…

He was strongly in disagreement with Washington and his philosophy. His philosophy was more aggressive than Washington’s, he wanted equality right away. Du Bois believed in higher learning and greater education. He believed african americans could become the whites equal by acquiring occupations that require a college degree. Jobs like lawyers, doctors, teacher, scientist, etc. He had the idea that equal education could be the equalizer for blacks and whites. His first order of business was wanting to dispose of segregation. Bois believed as long as blacks and whites were separated they'd never be equivalent. W.E.B also played a huge part in the NAACP. He helped found the

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