Compare And Contrast William Penniel Pastorius Letter

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William Penn and Daniel Pastorius Letter’s In the two letters William Penn and Daniel Pastorius both had great points to get people to come to Pennsylvania. They included the great soil for harvest, abundance of food and crops, plenty of land for whatever the people may need. But on the other hand Daniel Pastorius also gave us an insight to how rough the travel will be . Which letter did the best job in promoting the settlement? William Penn’s letter absolutely did more than enough to persuade people to want to come to Pennsylvania. He talked about the abundance of food and crops the people would have. The amount of natural materials that the country itself contains. In the words of William Penn “ the country itself in its soil, air, water, seasons, and produce, both …show more content…

He told the people what their new life would be like in Pennsylvania. They both gave details about the city and what all would be there. In William Penn’s letter he said “ courts of justice are established in every county, with proper officers, as justices, sheriffs, clerks, constables, etc; which courts are held every two months”. In Daniel Pastorius letter he said there is daily increases in houses and inhabitants. There is a house of correction, mills, and a glass factory. Daniel Pastorius also talked about how beautiful the city was. “ Of that town I can say no more at presents than that it lies on black rich soil and half surrounded with pleasants streams like a natural defence”. They also talked about the Native Americans, William Penn talked about their language, religion, manners, and customs. He also talked about how they help their fellow people. “Nothing is too good for their friend.” In Daniel Pastorius letter he described their characteristics. Their strong limbs, swarthy of body, coal-black hair. He also talked about the way they dress, In the summer they go half naked, In the winter they hang duffels upon

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