Compare And Contrast Winthrop And Thomas Morton

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The ocean can be heard from the side of the dock, the blue water lapping on the side of the boat. I look out on the horizon, amazed by the simplicity yet inspiring beauty of the ocean that runs for miles and miles. Behind me is the land that will become my new home. The dark wood of the boat against the water makes me remember the long journey that we have traveled. I turn around and face the land that will become a new start for us all; the place where we can be free and set out to do what we came here for. This is what John Winthrop and Thomas Morton experienced when they arrived to America. Both Englishmen came to America for different reasons, but ultimately they experienced many similar things in life. With the ups and downs of their lives, Thomas Morton and John Winthrop did the best they could. Even though they did have many difference, the comparison between Thomas Morton and John Winthrop are astounding: they grew up very similarly, both had a goal in life they pursued and later wrote about. To understand the similarities and difference between them, one needs to know more about them.
John Winthrop was born in Groton in Suffolk County, England 1588 on January 22nd (Lauter 378; Connelly). He was an only son, who later would inherit the manor that his father, …show more content…

He grew up a lover of nature, animals and field sports, such as: fishing, hunting, and falconry (Dempsey). Early in life he became a lawyer and in 1621 was married to Alice Miller, a widow (Emerson). In 1622 he sailed to New England for the first time, which was not his last. In 1624, Morton travel with Captain Wollaston aboard the Unity that landed in Massachusetts, where they set up a colony which in 1626 he established himself leader of the trading post he renamed Ma-re Mount, known before as Passonagessit (Lauter 364;

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