Compare And Summary: The Constitution And Federalism

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The Constitution and Federalism On July fourth, 1776, the colonists of America gained freedom from the oppressive clutches of England. The colonists did this by establishing the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation defined the role and powers of government after the colonists gained independence for England. However, the Articles of Confederation was a vastly flawed document. Therefore, in 1787, the Constitution was created to reconstruct and improve on this document. This reconstruction was accomplished through Federalism. This mode of government has changed since the revision of the Articles of Confederation and the creation of the Constitution. This modern Federalism is seen as a power struggle between centralist and decentralist views. A. As previously stated, the Articles of Confederation was a vastly flawed document. Several problems arose as the new nation began to develop into a functioning state. Being a weak document, changes were needed. A major problem with the Articles of confederation was in the case of power. Under the Articles, the federal government was too weak to enforce the laws they enacted. This meant that the people of the new nation could govern themselves as they saw fit, for the government could not force anything upon anyone. The reason for the federal government being weak was simple; America had just fought a war to free itself from a tyrannical government. This was still fresh in the minds of many Americans,
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