Comparing Cronus And The Lightning Thief

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In the myth of Cronus, a character that was given a prophecy tried to escape his fate. In both the myth of Cronus, and the novel The Lightning Thief, a character in the story is given a prophecy that they try to overcome. In Cronus, the character trying to escape fate is a supernatural being called Cronus, and in The Lightning Thief it is a human boy with superpowers by the name of Percy Jackson.

In the myth of Cronus, a supernatural being tries to escape a prophecy he is given to keep power. Cronus is the supernatural being, in this case. He was given a prophecy which stated that his children would rise up against him and take his power, as he had done to his own father, Uranus. In the text it says, “ In order to be sure that he kept power, and the prophecy did not come true, Cronus …show more content…

After swallowing 5 of his children, Cronus’s wife Rhea was filled with sorrow and anger. So when it came to Zeus, her last child, she was determined to save him at least. In the myth the author states, “ Anxious to keep the secret of his existence from Cronus, Rhea sent the infant Zeus secretly to Crete where he was fed, protected, and educated. Zeus eventually dethroned his father, who was banished from his kingdom and deprived forever of the supreme power.”

In the same way, in The Lightning Thief, a character is given a prophecy he tries to overcome. Percy is the character. He was given a quest to find Zeus’s master bolt before the summer solstice on June 21st or there will be a huge war among the Big Three. Chiron had told

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