Comparing Edgar Allen Poe And William Cowper And Poe

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Introduction: The idea of poetry falls under being a literary work in which intensity, passion, emotion and expression is produced within a series of stanzas containing rhythm, style and aesthetics. Within the 18th century, William Cowper was a man of religion as the century was filled with distinct and specific types of style such as metaphysical poetry. On the other hand, Edgar Allen Poe was one of the most famous poets of the 19th centuries and had a darker presence within his poetry, as that century was filled with a more range of imagination. Cowper and Poe both have many differences throughout a 2-century difference, but can compare as well within poetry techniques and topics. Both poets like to have a dark aura in their poetry making the reader feel critical, sultry and engaged through poems about death and religion. Cowper and Poe, have a different biographical history, lived in different centuries where writing styles were evolved, and have many poems to enhance the impact of centuries on their poetry. Biographical History: William Cowper The first child of Reverend John Cowper and Ann Donne Cowper, Willam Cowper was born on November 26, 1731, in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England. The poet’s mother died when he was six and Cowper was sent to Dr. Pittman’s boarding school, where he was routinely bullied. In 1748, he enrolled in the Middle Temple in order to pursue a law degree. Shortly thereafter, he fell in love with Theodora Cowper, a cousin. Her father did
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