Comparing Poe And Ray Bradbury

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What ways are Poe and Ray Bradbury similar? What ways are they different? In Poe’s and Bradbury’s stories there is foreshadowing, foreshadowing is a warning or a hint that something is going to happen. In the Tell Tale Heart, Poe made the killing of the old man recognizable early in the story. Ray Bradbury made the house “dying” clear because the house had no purpose anymore, so eventually it died in a fire. Bradbury had the house have no purpose, the story would be boring if the house had not died. Both Poe and Bradbury have a mysterious writing style. In the Tell Tale Heart Poe formed the story , so that the reader would have to imagine what happened to the butler and the police. In There Will Come Soft Rains, Bradbury leaves the story off on “Today is August 5, 2026, Today is August 5, 2026, Today is….” the author formed it so that the reader would think of different scenarios to end the story. …show more content…

Poe has an interesting writing style he uses foreshadowing in many stories. His stories usually consist of strange and spine-chilling events. In the Tell Tale Heart the ending leaves off in a mystery, I think that the police eventually arrested him. But also I think that the butler imagined or was paranoid most of the events. Poe’s writing attracts many people because multiple people like gothic or murder stories. Many of Poe’s stories have something to do with death and things that lead to death. Poe’s story “Raven” is about death, the name means death. The Tell Tale Heart and Raven are both good examples, they both have a theme of

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