Comparing Fahrenheit 451 And Modern Society

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Can one decision change the course of an entire civilization? In different places one change can set the course for an entire country. Getting rid of books can cause loss of individuality, complete equality can lead to government with too much power and no government at all can lead to power mad citizens. In the dystopian societies of Fahrenheit 451, 2081 and the novel Extras, levels of awareness, leadership roles and guiding principles like popular sovereignty both compare and contrast society to modern America today. In the societies of Fahrenheit 451 and present day America there are different levels of acceptance. In modern society, there is an open community of doctors and teams to help. In Fahrenheit things are stuffed down and hidden, to create the perception of a utopia. An example of this is suicide. It took place in both societies; in Fahrenheit Mildred and other unknown people tried to take their lives because they were not happy. In the U.S, people have some of those same feelings. People hold in emotions or struggle with happiness, but in America there are programs and people trained to help. In America instead of hiding the problem there are ways to help. According to the studies at Western Michigan University around 25 percent of people who kill themselves had previously attempted suicide. This statistic means that 75% of people dont try again. This is because of the support and communities that present society offers. In Fahrenheit instead of helping they

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