Comparing Homer's Odyssey And Siren Song

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“The Odyssey”, by Homer is a story of adventures, obstacles, mythical creatures and the conflicts of the main character Odysseus. Homer’s writing is unique compared to other Authors writing. Many people write their own version of a piece of the Odyssey, like Margaret Atwood when she wrote the poem “Siren Song”, These two pieces are talking about the same topic but, they have different themes, rhythms, tones and meanings. Both of the pieces are talking about the “Lotus Eater”. This is an island where people get hypnotized or their priorities get changed, they don't want to leave there and go home they want to stay there forever. Creatures that look like birds but with the head of a woman, called Sirens do this to them. The pieces have different …show more content…

They are similar because they both tell what the “song” does to people who enter the Island. In the Passage line 20, it says “So they sent their ravishing voices out across the air and the heart inside me throbbed to listen any longer”. This is saying that when the Sirens started singing and Odysseus’ heart wanted to hear the song so he would want to stay there. The Poem says in line four, “the song that forces men to leap overboard in squadrons even though they see the beached skull”. This means that even if the men see a skull on the beach they will jump overboard just to get on the island after they hear the song. These are similarities because they both tell how the song hypnotizes people. Another difference is the excerpt has a lot of imagery to describe the settings, the way something feels or the descriptions of something that is happening. The poem doesn’t have any imagery in it rather it has forms of manipulation, sarcasm, and Irony. These affect the rhythm of the story and the theme of both passages. A lot of Imagery makes the story more intense and easier to understand. Irony makes the poem lighter and gives it a more smooth

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