Comparing Lord Of The Flies And The Stanford Prison Experiment

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In both Lord of the Flies and the stanford prison experiment, it is demonstrated that people’s more dark and savage side comes out when they are placed in a situation where they are isolated from civilization. In the stanford prison experiment, the college students’ dark sides came out only 36 hours into the experiment: “And finally, about were hostile, arbitrary, and intensive in their forms of prisoner humiliation. These guards appeared to thoroughly enjoy the power they wielded, yet none of our preliminary personality tests were able to predict this behavior,” (SPE 12). The experiment began with average middle class college students who were told to act like prison guards. For the time being, they were isolated to the prison and interacting with the “prisoners” all day. …show more content…

Similarly, in Lord of the Flies, Jack, who is the main antagonist, was an English choir boy whose savage behavior was shown after being isolated to an island. When Ralph is talking to Samneric, they inform him that “They’re gonna hunt [Ralph] tomorrow,” (Golding 188). After this exchange when Ralph asks what they’re gonna do, Samneric simply respond by saying, “Roger sharpened a stick at both ends,” (Golding 190). Sharpening a stick at both ends is an implication that Jack and his tribe will put Raph’s severed head on the stick, like they did with a pig that they captured and ate. This behavior is completely savage, especially when Jack began as an English choir boy. The boys were isolated on an island for a short amount of time and in that time Jack’s savage behavior demonstrates how his savage side comes out after a very short period of isolation from civilization. In both scenarios, seemingly ordinary boys are confined to an area which isolates them from civilization and in a very short amount of time they turn into

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