Comparing More's Ideal Society And The Real World

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There are major differences in both the genre of Utopia including Thomas More’s version and the world we live in, and that social life in the real world can never be closed, while a text can claim to be closed. The story goes on and on in this world along with its ever-perpetual changes occurring. With the complexity of the social order along with the issues and facts that comes along, it can never be understood so well. In contrast, an author can single-handedly establish a Utopia and all of its perfection without going into details that can connect to our world. This becomes a problem for us because we only hold an idea of what a Utopia might be like, but when we take these ideas in real life, wouldn’t we have this ideal society by now? Therefore …show more content…

It begins with a man named More whom is an ambassador for King Henry VIII and England. His friend Peter Giles and a traveler known as Raphael Hythloday conversed in the matters of societies from England and then exploring several issues ranging from the situation of economics, harmony, and the moral code of these societies. The author More acts as his own character in the book, although the characters within such as Hythloday and Giles acts as other viewpoints towards their discussion. Hythloday brought up an interesting place to talk about, a New World island of Utopia where an ideal society actually exists. Although what is intriguing is how the last name Hythloday means in the Greek Language is “expert in nonsense,” which made More questioned the idea of Utopia. Nearing the end of the book, that “quite a few of laws and customs Hythloday had described as existing among the Utopians were really absurd” (Thomas More 110). Skeptical about this location, More was still interested in seeing it existing in the societies he has seen. What is interesting here is that this is what people are doing today and the past, to create a Utopia. The aspects and the idea of it is promising, an almost impossible dream-like place that society can work towards. Without an image of this goal in society, what would be the reason to

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