Comparing The Necklace, The Golden Touch, And Avarice

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Want VS. Need “To be happy in life you must learn the difference between what you want vs need” (unknown). Most people who can not decipher between want and need don not appreciate life and objects to the fullest. An imbalance of these things can cause unhappiness, bad relationships, and debt. Deciding between things people want and what is need can be hard. The pain of having an imbalance is shown in The Necklace, The Golden Touch, and Avarice. The short story The Necklace, by Guy de Maupassaut, demonstrates people’s greediness. The main character, Mathilde, only ever wanted more than what was giving to her. “She suffered constantly, feeling that all the attributes of a gracious life, every luxury, should rightly have been hers.” Mathilde believed she deserved everything she wanted. She was very rude to her husband. Her desire for materials was stronger than the love she should have shown to people. “Give the invitation to one of your colleagues whose wife will be better dressed than I would be.” She was too worried about looking her best to even thank her husband for the effort he put in to retrieve the invitation. At the end of the story, irony makes its appearance. Mathilde borrowed and lost a necklace from a friend. Her and her husband bought a new one as a replacement, furthermore, dedicated the next ten years to pay for …show more content…

The girl in the poem was very greedy from a young age, the word avarice means greedy. The poem starts with a girl at the age of 6. “She chewed off the seven porcelain buttons from her sister’s christening gown and hid them in a Prince Albert can”. She had no use for them yet had to have them for herself. She cared a peach with her. “She’d weigh a peach in her hands till it rotted.” She had no desire to consume the fruit. The girl at age 26 owned eight engagement rings but was not yet married. “She counts eight enganment rings at least twelve times a day.” Perhaps she used men to gain the

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