Similarities Between Mathilde And The Princess

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Mathilde and the princess from "The Lady or the Tiger" are two characters who have similarities and differences. They are both strong women who have to face difficult situations as the story develops and suffer with it. However, they face different situations and have many differences when it comes to the type of life they live. The two ladies are very connected in some ways, but also very divergent in others. The relation between Mathilde and the princess is complex, including many differences and similarities in factors such as type of life, love and struggles.
Firstly, Mathilde and the princess both have strong personalities. The princess is an imperious and powerful young woman and Mathilde is ambitious and determined, which are strong and remarkable
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While Mathilde loses her rich friend 's necklace and has to deal with the consequences, the princess is trapped in a situation in which she will lose her loved one.
Finally, Mathilde and the princess are egocentric. In both stories, these characters only think about what will be best for theirselves. In "The Lady or the Tiger", the princess makes the decision of which door her lover should choose based on her wishes, and in "The Necklace",
Mathilde wants to enjoy luxury and does not consider others desires. “She had no expansive clothes, no jewelry, nothing. And these were the only things she truly loved” (Maupassant).
The princess, as shown above, is a character who relates in very aspects with Mathilde, but is very different from her, too.
As for the differences between the two characters, there are many. To begin, Mathilde feels she married someone inferior to herself, while the princess loves her lover with ardor.
“She loved him with an ardor that had enough of barbarism in it to make it exceedingly warm and strong”. Also, the princess struggles with a decision about her lover: save him and see him getting married to another or let him be eaten by a tiger. On the other hand,
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