Comparing Wiesel's Night And The Pianist

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Everyone has a fear to conquer to make themselves have a growing and processed life. After reading Wiesel’s Night and “The-In-Group” and watching The Pianist, the idea of fear is the most important message to be acquired because conquering fear can make people become stronger throughout their life. Knowing the idea of fear is important, it is consistently shown throughout Night by Elie. It begins when foreigner, Moshe the Beadle got packed into a train. “Him and the other foreign Jews were carted off, where the Gestapo took over and forced them to dig their own graves yet Moishe escaped because he was shot in the leg and left for dead” (Wiesel 16). As Moshe went from house to house, day and night, he was warning the Jews about what was about…show more content…
Wladyslaw and his family were Jews and he told them that war with Germany is coming to them. Jews were dehumanized by the Germans. For example, they weren’t allowed on the sidewalks, they couldn’t go to parks, and they were beaten if they didn’t have their Jewish stars on them. One evening, Wladyslaw and his family were having dinner and they read on the newspaper that Jews were going to get sent to the ghettos. They all become doleful and packed for the day to come. When they arrived to the ghetto, the Germans created a huge wall surrounding them so they couldn’t escape. Living there was hard for Wladyslaw and his family. All the families who stayed at the ghettos were trying to sell their items to get money, but as for Wladyslaw, they barely sold one book. At one night, the Germans broke into one of the Jews house and started to yell at them to stand up. As Wladyslaw’s family were watching, the Jews went to the old man sitting on the wheelchair and pushed him off the balcony, and Wladyslaw’s mom yelled in fear. The day the Jews were getting deported, everyone was getting sent to the trains but Wladyslaw was pulled and thrown off to the side and was asked to run. Him and his father were worried because they didn’t know what to do. As the train deported,Wladyslaw was left behind. Without his family, Wladyslaw was left feeling scared. Both in the book Night, and the film The Pianist, it had an important message on fear. At the end, Elie and Wladyslaw both conquer their fear and make themselves and the world a better place. Conquering fear is important because being driven by fear takes you away from growing and progressing in
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