Comparing Yates And Joe Simpson

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The importance of survival is to be able to feel accomplishment. Everyone who has encountered a survival decision wants to be known as a survivor. A survivor can be someone stranded in the wild without food or water, or getting submerged underwater in your car. Your thoughts on survival can be different, but the keys to survival are almost all the same. The keys revolve around one word in particular indepence. One of the keys to survival is having a willingness to do what’s needed to be done, secondly, think on your own, and lastly, don’t let others actions influence your decision.
Survival takes the skill of having a willingness to do what 's needed to be done. Survivalists do not worry about how they could help the next person; they care for themselves. In the situation of Simon Yates and Joe Simpson. Simon Yates cut the rope of Joe SImpson in order to save himself. Now and forever he will be known as “the man who cut the rope”, because he decided to save himself. Not everyone thinks of him as a villain, in the news article (Saunokonoko, Mark. Touching the Void) he states "Absolute nonsense," says Yates. "Other climbers have always been fine with me. They completely understand what I did. Ultimately I …show more content…

Think on your own. Thinking on your own may seem easy like it 's done naturally, but most people in survival circumstances wait to hear someone else’s ideas or way of thinking. Survivalists don’t rely on anyone else but themselves. (John Blake. Miraculous survivors: Why they live while others die) In this specific article the lady didn 't listen to the males that were in the same boat as her. She states, “Surviving is about keeping your wits when everything is falling apart," she says” Everyone on the boat with her killed themselves because they couldn 't handle the pressure anymore, but she stayed calm and to herself. The two men that was left with her, tried to talk to her, but she would shut the conversation

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