Most Dangerous Game Vs Castaway

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Survival Essay Three paramount traits needed to survive any life or death situation are bravery, knowledge, and perseverance. Characters in the story Most Dangerous Game, the movie Castaway, and even people in the article “The Migrant Crisis” will show us why all of these traits are good to have in survival situations. Bravery is an important trait to have when trying to survive. You are faced with many scary or difficult circumstances in a survival situation and you need a brave mindset to tackle those challenges. “Rainsford remembered the [gun] shots...he swam in that direction…” (Connell, 2) shows that even though the sound of gunshots usually don’t mean well, Rainsford decided to swim toward that potential danger, even knowing that …show more content…

“The revolver pointing...rigidly [at Rainsford]...” (Connell, 4) demonstrates that in this situation, Rainsford was brave even with a gun pointed at him. He wasn’t going to be a coward and run away, Rainsford stood there until the man eventually puts down the gun. “Rainsford fought his way through the brush for two hours,” (Connell, 11) explains that Rainsford had to run away from a crazy man who was going to hunt him for game, which the man (General Zaroff) thought was more exciting than hunting animals. As you can see, bravery is a key characteristic to have when trying to survive basically anything. But it is certainly not the only one. Being knowledgeable of the situation at hand is also very important. Like bravery, knowledge is a crucial trait to possess in the event your plans go awry. Knowledge can mean one’s mental strength is just as great as his or her physical strength. In Castaway, Chuck Noland was stranded on an island after a plane crash. …show more content…

One needs the mindset to keep going, keep pushing forward and to keep trying. Whether trying to survive a dangerous event or just managing daily life, at some point, you might just want to give up. But that is not what the migrants did. Let alone Rainsford or Chuck. In the article “The Migrant Crisis,” the writers talk about how a boat full of about 70 migrants from the African desert traveling to the coast of Libya, sprung a leak in the front of the boat. Many passengers tried covering the hole and others called for help with a satellite phone. Six long hours later, help from the Italian coast guard came. Everybody on board survived due to the steadfast thinking of the passengers. When they saw the hole, they could have just said “we're done for” and given up, but they kept trying to think of solutions to save everyone on board. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have the same perseverance to keep trying for a better life by moving to different countries where equal rights and a better life exist. “Many [of these people] are escaping violence, poverty, or persecution….” (Zissou, Smith, 15). Migrants use all of these characteristics: bravery, knowledge, and perseverance while fleeing to another country. They know that they could be caught and killed. but most of those people are smart and brave enough to escape that. “The Migrant Crisis” shows us how these people used many survival traits to get out of unfamiliar and

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