Comparison Of Hope In Book Thief And Anne Frank

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The Italian Proverb once said, “Hope is the last thing ever lost.” The concept of having hope is a way for people to have a positive state of mind for a good outcome. Although hope can be a good thing, it can also come with disappointment when it doesn’t materialize. In The Book Thief and Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Markus Zusak and Anne Frank use thinking about the future to show the danger of false hope.
In times of fear, people always ache for better times and can get too much false hope which only leads to misery. This can be seen as a recurring theme in both The Book Thief and Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl. The main characters are at a time when they always fantasize about the future. Though with their thoughts, they …show more content…

When Liesel is finally reunited with her dad, Death narrates, Yes, it was a great night to be Liesel Meminger, and the calm, the warm, and the soft would remain for approximately three more months. But her story lasts for six.” (Zusak 493) When her dad came back, all her worries went away since he is a source of comfort. Even though things were going well at the moment, the unexpected can always happen and her neighborhood ends up getting bombed. As Liesel discovered her father's body, it stated, “Papa was a man with silver eyes, not dead ones. Papa was an accordion! But his bellows were all empty. Nothing went in and nothing came out.” (Zusak 537) When she came across his body, her happy dreams of the future were over and she came back to the reality that she did not live in a peaceful time. Additionally, …show more content…

When he finally came back, she couldn’t help but dream about all the great moments of her family back together. She had too much hope for her life living in a happy family and when the only people that understood her and loved her died, it left her devasted. As well, in Anne Frank’s diary, Anne writes about her hope that the war will end soon and the possibility of survival and eventual liberation will arise. Since she and her family were living in a situation of extreme uncertainty in tough times, these hopes were shut down. When Anne heard the broadcast, she couldn’t help, but think, “Oh, Kitty, the best part of the invasion is that I have the feeling that friends are approaching. We have been oppressed by those terrible Germans for so long, they have had their knives so at our throats, that the thought of friends and delivery fills us with confidence.” (Frank 245) When she heard the news about possible liberation, she got too far ahead of her hopes and couldn’t stop thinking about the future of being free. She even starts to count down the days despite

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