Comparison Of Irony In The Interlopers And The Necklace

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In “The Interlopers” and “The Necklace,” the irony is situational. The way it is situational is when the story ends something unexpected happening, like in “The Interlopers” how wolves came instead of their men, and in “The necklace” when Monsieur Loisel and Madame Loisel spent 10 years to pay off a necklace that cost 36,000 francs when the original cost only 500. In these 2 stories, it shows that irony leaves the readers wanting more, and it gives us a little bit of a surprise. Irony may leave the readers wanting more. I know of this for the fact that I have felt this when I read “The Interlopers” and “The Necklace” I was left wanting to know more and what happened after the story ended. This leads me to believe that it left others feeling

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