Comparison Of Seventh Grade By Gary Soto And Charles By Shirley Jackson

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In the stories “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto and “Charles” by Shirley Jackson the authors made these stories with unique settings. In “Seventh grade” it was about a boy named Victor, who walks in the first day of middle school and wants to impress a girl named Teresa he tries every way he can to get her attention, he even tries scowling.Finally when he tries to impress her he just makes a fool out of himself trying to speak French when he did not know how, but Teresa went to it and asked him to help her with her french he knew this year was going to be the best.In the story “Charles” it was about a boy named Laurie who went to to kindergarten, he would come home from school every day with crazy stories about this kid in his class named Charles who gets introble all the time and does so many bad things in school. When finally Laurie’s mom went to a teacher conference the mom asked about the Charles and the teacher replied saying that they had not Charles in their class.

In the story “Seventh grade” the setting is important becuase if the setting was different in anyway the story plot line could change as well.In the story the setting has taken place in middle school in Fresno, CA if they were not in middle school they would’lt have most of the classes they have like french or not even switch classes.In the text it …show more content…

In the story “Charles” the setting is Important because the way things are in the story are important to the plot and the problems and solutions that come in the story.One of the reasons the setting is Important in “Charles” is because when Laurie tells all of his stories they take place at his school in kindergarten But when he is telling the stories the place is set in Lauries house.If the story was taken place at his school where the parents were there and can see what happens the plot would change cause they will notice that Laurie is Charles.In the text it states “Laurie usually adjusts very quickly,I said I, suppose this time it’s Charles’s

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