Comparison Of Six Civil Rights Leaders: Betty Friedan And Stokely Carmichael

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From the six civil rights leaders, I chose Betty Friedan and Stokely Carmichael. Friedan was a feminist that believed in the right of people to decide their sex. Carmichael was a prominent organizer that wanted to build a new society where whites moved away from racism and begin to focus on other problems in the U.S. such as education, economy, and political issues. I chose them because I wanted to research on minority groups and leaders. Everyone knows the famous leaders MLK and Malcolm X. Similar to the Battle at Gettysburg, everyone knows about the Pickett's Charge but not the other battle that took place. Hence, I am focusing on the other leaders that also made a difference in the US but were less mentioned. Friedan fought for a small group …show more content…

She had strong arguments that supported her primary goal. The example Friedan gave about men having long hair to show their sensitive part, earned her followers from the male side. Hence she will have support from both sexes. By doing this, her percentage of achieving her goal is closer. Furthermore, Friedan talked about love, in which everyone comprehends the concept of love. Consequently, she gained more supporters. Nonetheless, when Friedan spoke about the possibility of a war between sexes, it showed her uncertainty of being able to protest. Her words, in the end, expressed that she did not promise people that they would win or advance. By this point, she was less persuasive than some leaders. Stokely Carmichael was less persuasive than Friedan, but he was more confident than her. He gave arguments that whites should step away from racism and focus on education, political and economic issues in the U.S. Carmichael believed that the best solution is to create a new community. In my opinion, the white society will not accept on building a new system. It is natural for a person to object a new idea that proves opposes one’s belief. People with different opinions typically spark conflicts. Hence, I think this protest will only start a fight between two groups and not resolve the problem of …show more content…

Marther Luther King's I Have a Dream speech was more persuasive than Malcolm X's speech. Malcolm X talked about taking action using force. In my opinion, I see him as a hypocrite person. He talks about uniting the black community was the only way to earn rights. Nonetheless, by joining with whites can also grant us rights. Malcolm X does the exact opposite of joining but starts an aggression between whites and blacks. Another person that I agree with is Luke. He talked about Betty Friedan being less confident than Marther Luther King. I agree with his comment because Friedan showed her uncertainty at the end of her speech by saying "if" instead of saying "we

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