Comparison Of Zeitoun And Mumia Abu Jamal

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Abdulrahman Zeitoun and Mumia Abu Jamal were two names I did not know. These two men have both undergone hardships and were both wrongly accused of crimes not committed. The comparison of these cases is hard due to the fact that Zeitoun’s case was not any type of legal and did not follow any type of normal or legal judicial proceedings. Jamal’s case however did follow judicial proceedings “legally”. The first case to point out was the fact that both of these men are innocent in my eyes. Zeitoun’s innocence is written and proven in the book entitled Zeitoun. Jamal’s innocence has yet to be legally released. Zeitoun was accused of looting in post-Katrina New Orleans. He was then transferred to a makeshift prison then to a prison in Baton …show more content…

When Zeitoun went on trial he was not given proper council and his bail was set at an unreasonable amount even if he was guilty of looting. His bail was set at 75,000 dollars and the “stolen amount was only 500 dollars’ worth of merchandise. His council was a man who represented every prisoner from Katrina. Zeitoun was not even allowed a phone call to tell anyone he was in prison or that he had a bail of 75,000 dollars. Zeitoun was all alone in his endeavor to escape the criminalities of the judicial system that had done him so wrongfully. Jamal on the other hand had so much support from the rich and famous to world leaders. So why was Zeitoun released and Jamal not? Jamal’s trial was just as bad as Zeitoun’s but in different aspects. Jamal’s case was held in an actual court with a jury appointed and a judge presiding. This may seem ok but the proceedings of the case are utter trash compared to how they are defined constitutionally. Jamal for one was not represented by who he wanted to be represented by. He was assigned a public defense and was not given the allowance of using his lawyer that was in the court room with them. Jamal also was not allowed to cross examine the witnesses who testified against him and assured that he would be sentenced to

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