Fema During Hurricane Katrina Essay

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Furthermore, Fema focused more of their financial resources toward massive incarceration during hurricane Katrina. Fema priorities on how the handle funding resource during the after math of Karina, they focused more on crimes rather than helping victims. Fema overseen and run by homeland security directed there attention towards crimes and terrorist, instead of quickly making funds accessible to resident with no place live. Fema paid for this prison system to operate and covered inmates cost of living during the time spent in prison. Fema sent law officials to arrest New Orleans residents. Some of the arrest would falsely made by the agency. One arrest documented was a man name Zeitoun who was falsely arrested for theft and suspicion of being a terrorist. He …show more content…

From the book Zeitoun proves that Fema had mismanaged funds and did not take care of the most important tasks during the hurricane. According to the website Prison Legal News “Over 6,000 prisoners who had been packed into the Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) were displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina” (Williams, Bob). That a mass of amount of prisoners in a short period of time at the cost of the Federal emergency management agency costing Fema big. Another fact for the state by Prison legal news “The DOC reportedly received funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for each prisoner in custody -- the more prisoners, the higher the per diem payment. According to one report, FEMA 's projected payout to the DOC for just one day in December 2005 was over $146,000. Thus, there was a major fiscal disincentive for the DOC to release prisoners quickly” (Williams, Bob). Some of this victims of Katrina were in prison for closes to a year. The amount Fema paid in one day to Doc was

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