Comparison Response Two: Discussion Questions And Answers

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Discussion Response Two
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Discussion Response Two
Kathy Henderson, Adequate and effective preparation is the key to writing good reports. The preparation stage should never be taken lightly since failing to prepare is in itself preparation to fail. Therefore, it is important that one takes enough time preparing for the report to ensure that the final product will be properly focused, written with the audience in mind, and structured in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. The preparation stage is one of your most noticeable strengths as you took enough time to consider your report writing process and answer important questions about your report. Have been addressed. Cooper and Schindler (2014) pointed out the four main questions that one should answer before getting down to write a report are; what is the purpose of the report? Who will read it? What are the circumstances and limitations under which it is written? And how will the report be used? You considered all these questions carefully in your preparation. …show more content…

Why does the report need to be written and what are the boundaries? These are all important questions that fosters the report writing process by enabling the researcher to focus on what is important. However, the list of questions is not exhaustive as the preparation stage involves much more. Other questions that you can consider before writing your report include; How will the report be structured and how can the content of the report be made more interesting for the reader? And when will the report be written/needed? After considering all these questions, the information should be collated and a decision made on what will be included and what will be left out based on the purpose of the

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