Conclusion About Friendship

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-It is morally permissible to lie to a friend in order to preserve his/her happiness or well-being.

Friendship is an integral part of our live, that fact is predetermined and undebatable. Where honesty stands only as a moral virtue, consideration of which is just a matter of your personal preference and level of your intelligence. Therefore friendship is a more important value than honesty.
Intelligent relationships with other individuals is an essential criteria of any civilized society, so it’s important to understand what the accepted definition of friendship is, and what are its supporting virtues. Friendship-is a personal relationship based on the concern about the happiness of the other person, for his sake, and it involves some kind of intimacy 1. By saying virtue I consider a positive quality which was meant to be good and laid as a foundation of a moral principle. There are a number of virtues that friendship lay its foundation on; honesty, happiness, trust, love, dedication, and etc. Without any of these qualities within your relationship with someone else you’ll never be able to achieve genuine friendship.
In the virtue friendship we sick for the happiness of the other person, therefore happiness can be considered be the ‘chief’ virtue among those that qualify friendship. Happiness -is the state of mind, which leads to life satisfaction, pleasure, or a positive emotional condition. People tend to doubt its significance, but the importance
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