Condoleezza Rice Rhetorical Analysis

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In this interview, it illustrates how power may ignite cultures to have a division based on their cultural group. It may cause a nation to become captivated by misleading mistakes and false representation of a political group. Although, segregation exists, individuals felt the need to react in ways that became unjustifiable causing destruction affecting beliefs, values, and other perspectives amongst other cultures, religions, and beliefs differently than their own. By taking the lives of innocent individuals and shaping and conforming lives according to their biases alters how children may shape their own human world views based on exceptionalism, power and segregation, and improving history and evolution through integration. In addition, in the Condoleezza Rice the Secretary of State interview, it reflected on American exceptionalism from a childhood experience recollecting the dark side of human beings. Believing that the United States is exceptional in its conception, not connected to ethnic group, culture, the American idea, and religion to the territory based on segregation amongst the African American, racism, and religious beliefs of others from a different culture than the White culture. Condoleezza Rice …show more content…

Believing that individuals will overcome their struggle. The Condoleezza world view shaped by the negative experience seen as a child. By Miss Rice understood the stigmas and group classification played a part in “the dark side of humans” Rice, C. (2017), as individuals. It angered and caused Miss Rice to have dishonor based on how stereotyping echoed based on being white. The assumption that Condoleezza had a contributing factor in segregation being viewed as having power over another culture. Rice believes America has responsibilities to execute on behalf of all of

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