Review Of Confessions Of A Liberal Gun Owner By Justin Cronin

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Antonio Vesselinov
Daniel DeWolf
Composition 101
28 January 2015
Reading Response 2 This short story is by Justin Cronin and is called “Confessions of a Liberal Gun Owner.” It is about a New England liberal that has moved throughout the USA from Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. He is a gun owner and lives in Texas. He has twelve guns and all of them being semi automatics. He also has large compactly magazines for them. He likes to go weekly to a gun rang and shot his guns. He also is very interested in improving his skills with his guns. He is known by sight at the gun rang that he attends. He takes pleaser in exercising his rights. He hopes that he will never have to use a gun on a person but has them in his home as a line of defense. …show more content…

The way that I came to this concussion is because of him saying, “It’s far to easy to buy a gun” (205). He then also added that, “Once I bought one in the parking lot” (205). He also said why it is necessary to own a gun because he thinks, “it would be nice if the world had exactly zero guns in it. But I don’t see that happening any time soon” (206). He also said that, “statistically speaking, a gun in the home represents a grater danger to its inhabitants then to the intruder” (204). Another way Justin Cronin is trying to communicate his message is by giving all of the information about the gun owner because he is trying to show that he is just a normal person through his long introduction and he’s political view. I think that Justin Cronin does succeed to communicate in his short story “Confession of a Liberal Gun Owner” because of the ways he portrayed himself as an average person. Also by showing even the most die hard gun owners feel like they have been ashamed by the mass killings and shootings. He also feels like the ways guns are sold today is not perfect, but aggress that banning them is not the answer. This because of his description of the looting and stores wiped clean after the Hurricane he know that there need to be a way for him to defend his

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