Conformity And Deviance In The 1967 Movie Cool Hand Luke

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When describing the perfect utopian society, often individuals describe it as being a place with comradery amongst citizens and thus free of conflict. However little thought is often given in regards to how this form of group cohesion will be achieved. For there to be conformity, the tendency of one to alter their behaviours and beliefs to that of the group, there must be some central power enforcing members to follow the rules and guidelines of such society (DeLemanter, Myers, & Collett, 2015). Behaviour that fails to conform to the groups established norm will not be tolerated and must be corrected (DeLemanter, 2015). However, the introduction of deviance can often spark others to break away from the previous social norms (DeLemanter, 2015). This was the case in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, …show more content…

Throughout his imprisonment, Luke continually challenges the authority of the guards. As a result, he becomes the face of freedom for the prisoners. In doing so, Luke breaks the previously formed unanimity of the prisoners and acts as the catalyst for the construction of new group goals. Cool Hand Luke perfectly demonstrates the influences of authority, obedience, conformity, and deviance on both group and individual behaviour. The first measure taken to avoid deviance, is to establish authority – the ability of an individual to issue orders that regulate the behaviour of those below this individual in the chain of command (DeLemanter, 2015). Furthermore, authority can only be established if others accept the source’s ability to prescribe behaviour (DeLemanter, 2015). Only then can the source of authority establish norms in which the target audience should obey. Upon arrival at the chain gang prison, “Captain”, the warden, immediately establishes the social hierarchy/chain of command of the prison using a combination of subtle and blunt enforcers. Symbols such as uniform, canes, and guns, are an effort by

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