Cons Of Capitalism

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Capitalism is an economic-political system where the individual and economic freedom is considered primary compulsion for the country 's development. Unlike other economic systems which eclipses the freedom of the market, it creates an environment for self-regulating market system. The ensuing essay focuses on capitalism as the best economic system. It gives a general idea about other economic systems like socialism, communism and fascism in brief and compares and points out the advantages of capitalism over these systems. The essay casts light upon both the pros and cons of the capitalism but takes a positive position and defends the notion of capitalism as the best economic system with arguments which are supported by suitable facts and figures. Capitalism at Over the centuries, various political-economic systems have been practiced. The extent of the government 's participation in a country 's economy is the characteristic distinction among these systems. Scott, 2006 defines Capitalism as 'a complex and continually evolving political bargain in which private actors are empowered by a political authority to own and control the use of property for private gain subject to a set of laws and regulations. ' It is a system where the economy is administered by allowing several parties who make a significant contribution to the economy compete so as to serve the interests of consumers and is bounded by a certain set of rules and laws. The
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