Contradiction In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders By Joel Forcier People would be heartbroken when their best friend dies, especially at a young age. The crime/drama story The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton shows exactly that. This story is about two weeks of a boy's life, Ponyboy Curtis. In this book they talk about the two different social groups the Greasers and the Soc's. One night Ponyboy and Johnny get into a fight with the Soc’s. The Soc are drowning Ponyboy and while there drowning him Johnny comes up from behind and stabs one of them to death leading the other soc’s to run away. Three examples for contrast and contradiction are Johnny standing up for the girls, Darry showing that he cares for Ponyboy and Dally who went insane when he found out Johnny died. The first contrast and contradiction is Johnny standing up for the girls when Dally is bullying them. Johnny is a very quiet person who doesn't talk a lot so it is expected that he wouldn’t stand up for the girls while Dally is disrespecting them but instead Johnny tells Dally to stop …show more content…

Ponyboy has been gone from Darry, his older brother for about 6 days because they were hiding from the police after Johnny murdered a Soc. They ended up running into a burning church to save children from burning to death and after that they ended up in the hospital from their injuries. Ponyboy thinks that Darry doesn't like him and just wants him to be gone. When Darry sees ponyboy in the hospital, he starts to cry. Ponyboy has never seen Darry cry, not even at his parent’s funeral. Ponyboy realizes that Darry was hard on him because he didn’t want to see another loved one die. A quote for this is “suddenly I realized, horrified, that Darry was crying”(Hinton 98). This quote is important because it proves that Ponyboy was shocked that Darry was crying. Ponyboy has never seen Darry cry, not even at his parent’s funeral, so this shows him that Darry really does

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