Control In 1984

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In Orwell’s piece, 1984 we see a dystopian society through the viewpoint of Winston Smith. The story is set in a totalitarian society led by Big Brother. They call this The Party and they have complete control over everyone in Oceania. However Winston is different, Big Brother does not have control over him and he despises The Party. The book shows how much power the mind has and how it really does control whatever it pleases so without further ado; Mind Control in 1984. “The Party and Big Brother control most everything within Oceania. They control how people move, how they think, how they love, how they live, what they can have, and so much more. The Party controls and changes the past so that citizens are completely brainwashed as for …show more content…

In the novel there is a telescreen in every household. This device is a television, security camera, and microphone all in one and it is in the corner of everyone's living room watching and listening to that family at all times. If the telescreen is moved or re-angled then this would be considered a crime and that family will be punished for what they have done. There is no privacy for the people of Oceania, even in the comfort of their own homes. The Party informs everyone of this too by saying “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.” However all are oblivious to this and think nothing of it just because of how brainwashed people have become through them. This quote was said at a Two Minute Hate meeting. These are mandatory weekly gatherings with everyone located within Oceania. Citizens here are given the opportunity to kind of vent and all hate against a common enemy, obviously this enemy isn’t chosen by the people but by Big Brother …show more content…

There are some that think The Party is not an absolute totalitarian due to the fact that Big Brother does not have one hundred percent control over all in Oceania. In the article the author makes the point that The Party is not an absolute totalitarian government because there are still people out there who try to be independent and their own person. They say if it was a true absolute totalitarian government there would be no need for thoughtpolice and there would be no people like Winston or Julia. There would be no need for the Ministry of Love and there would be no room 101. Although there are good points made this isn't entirely true. In every single town, city, state, or country there will be people trying to rebel and break the law. To be a totalitarian government some sort of enforcement is required so when the laws are broken the government can act on it. People like Julia and Winston are everywhere in every civilization and when they were caught prohibiting The Party’s rules they were punished, one was killed, one ended up falling in love with Big Brother. There will always be ungovernable people and Big Brother handles those people as they should to prevent rebellion and

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