Technology In Dystopian Literature

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Technology is a main component of the futuristic dystopian fiction that leads to complicating people’s lives. In order to have the upper hand, the government uses technology as a double-edged weapon. The theme of technology shows how scientific advancement is used as mean a distraction and intimidation. As a distraction, Technology is used to keep the people hypnotized in their artificial pleasures. It is not just a part of people’s lives, it is their life itself; it forms and creates their thoughts. People are surrounded by three-wall televisions and sea-shall radio phones. Their lives are nothing but a series of TV programs that the government authorize. With time, technology becomes all that people know or should know about their world, “It is an environment as real as the world. It …show more content…

The same idea is applied to Bradbury’s world. Making people equal is another reason the government adds to justify its dictatorship. To further explain, books are a symbol of intellect, and since not all people like reading or know how to read, then all are not equal for some are more knowledgeable than the other. This is how Beatty, the head of the firemen department, explains it,” Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal” (Bradbury 28). As a result, the world becomes full of clones and individuality becomes an accusation almost a crime. People are deprived of the individuality that forms their essence. Montag is shocked when he looks at the other firemen and finds them all “a mirror-images of himself “(Bradbury 15). They all look the same; same physical features even the same hair colour. In dystopian literature people are merely submissive followers of the system. They do not contribute in any activities except what the government determines; Henriette Wien explains in her

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