Core Night Reflection

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I started to plan my Core Night project almost a month before the deadline. I had many ideas about what I should make and present at the Core Night. However, most of them did not make sense and did not go with my class and Merrill college itself. I was struggling to come up with a plan about what I should do for Core Night. After thinking a lot about what should I do, I thought that I am a science major and I can combine science and history together and make a three-dimensional model.
In my Core class, we read a book called The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, in which it was mentioned that the Hmong used to farm opium in their farms. It talked about the struggles they had to face when they tried to escape Laos. They gave their young …show more content…

It was very hard for me to chose the right materials which will make the model look good. I had to buy the materials which will help my model to not fall apart as it is a three-dimensional model and it would had fall and collapsed without the right amount of support. The only easiest part was to get the materials to my residence hall. I had to go through a very difficult process to make this project. I had to paint all the Styrofoam balls according to the colors that represent carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. I had to paint the thin wooden sticks all black. It was very difficult to visualize how the three-dimensional structure for opium looks like. I had to search a lot of pictures of the structure but either they did not have a three-dimensional structure or they were the pictures of a wrong drug. Finally, when I found a right picture to make my model, then it was hard for me to figure from where should I start from. As I was building the model the structure kept on falling down. I had to use a glue gun in order to hold the model together. The picture I used to visualize my structure showed a lot of details, but it was missing double bonds on the

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