Pros And Cons Of Workplace Drug Testing

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Pros and Cons of Workplace Drug Testing The drug problem in any country continues to proliferate despite efforts of the government in preventing these drugs from further destructing the lives of the people. Clandestine laboratories sprout on different parts of the world and find ways on how it can reach vulnerable individuals. What makes it more alarming is how drug addiction has affected children as young as 12 years old. The popularity of drug use is caused by the following factors: • The availability of both prescription and street drugs. • Untreated psychological or emotional illnesses. • The lack of knowledge on the dangers of drugs to the human body. Statistics on Drug Abuse Drug addiction is an issue that does not only affect the drug…show more content…
There are several types of drug testing and these are: • Pre-employment Drug Testing It is the most common type of drug testing wherein it requires a candidate to undergo after a formal “Conditional Offer of Employment”. • Random Drug Testing Random drug testing prevents employee workplace drug abuse. It is considered as the most effective preventive measure to deter employees from involving themselves with drug simply because of the fear of losing their job if they are caught. This does not only increase their productivity, but it also helps them to adopt a healthier lifestyle. • Reasonable Suspicions Drug Testing This may be the most uncommon type of drug testing because not all companies may have even bothered to train their supervisors and managers on how to recognize indicators of employee drug use. • Post-Accident Drug Testing This is the standard type of drug testing after a workplace injury or accident. This is performed to ensure that the accident is not caused by drug use. A positive result may result in the dismissal of the employee or is ineligible to receive employee…show more content…
Find below the benefits and disadvantages of workplace drug testing. Advantages • It helps decrease the potential legal liability of an employee. It is the responsibility of any employer to keep the employees in a safe and healthy workplace. Any accidents that occur while on the job puts the employer in a hot seat most especially if preventive measures have not been done. • It helps to have a safe and healthy workplace environment. It eliminates the possibility of having fatal accidents most especially to those who are operating heavy types of machinery. • It helps employees who have drug problems. By having an Employee Assistance Program, the employer helps an employee who has been positive for drugs to undergo rehabilitation by recommending him to a certified rehabilitation center. Employers allow these employees to become clean and drug-free and take a second chance in life. • It reduces hiring new employees and recruitment cost. More than the cost of having to recruit for new employees is the time and money wasted in training new employees. • Increased productivity. Employees are inclined to work effectively and

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