Coretta Scott King's Contribution To Society

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Informative writing essay Coretta Scott King was unconventional in her youth but later made a great contribution to society. Her contributions not only impacted society, but were also impacted by her unconventionally. Who would have thought that a cotton owner would become the wife of the most famous civil rights leader? Coretta King was born April 27, 1927 in Heiberger, Alabama, she dies January 30 2006 (which is her son’s birthday). She went to high school & college she didn’t go to an elementary because of the racial acts, but she went to Lincoln high and Antioch College and graduated from both college and high school. Her mother name was Bernice McMurray and her father name was Jeff McMurray she had 2 sisters and one brother. She also was married to Martin Luther King jr. and had 2 kids. As her …show more content…

Mrs. King and Mr. King stand in front of group of cheering supporters after king was convicted for his role in the Montgomery bus boycott. He was fined with $500. Coretta, Yolanda, and Martin Luther king III, greeted king reverends released from Reveille prison under a $2,000 appeal bond in October. Coretta king was presented an Emmy award to the television show “news award”. At the June 8th, 1969 ceremony. One of the awards was for outstanding television coverage of Dr. King assassination. When martin set a march, Coretta wanted to tag alone and be by his side. The difference between Coretta unconventional behavior and her contributions. Her unconventional behavior was she grew up during the great depression, and she was different from other girls. She was a tom-boy she liked to climb trees and box with her little brother. Her contributions, she helped passed the civil rights act. She also wrote books and she took part in the bus boycott after king’s assassination. So threw the period of time she began to change after high-school and her college

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