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strained contains carbohydrates (4–5%), lactose (45–50 g/L), proteins (6–8 g/L), lipids (4–5 g/L) and mineral salts (8–10% of dried extract). Mineral salts include NaCl and KCl (>50%) as well as calcium salts (among others). The water content of cheese whey is quite high, constituting as much as 93.12 grams out of 100 g . When dewatered, however, solids are left. 2.2.7 Corn syrup. Corn syrup (as differentiated from high-fructose corn syrup which is a different product) is one of several natural sweeteners derived from corn starch. Although corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup are made from corn starch, regular corn syrup is 100 percent glucose. Corn syrup is produced in wet corn mills. The starch is first separated from the corn through a number of processing steps after which the purified corn starch is converted into ordinary corn syrup through application of acid hydrolysis. This syrup is then filtered or otherwise clarified to remove any objectionable flavor or color. It is further refined and evaporated to reduce the amount of water. Corn syrup is quite viscous. To be called corn syrup (as …show more content…

It is my understanding that ACR added a taxable fuel, namely diesel, to all of the feedstocks discussed above at approximately 0.1% by volume in order to have their feedstock qualify as an alternative fuel mixture under Internal Revenue Code Section 6426 (e) (2)). To qualify as an alternative fuel mixture, however, at minimum the feedstocks used by ACR must themselves qualify as an alternative fuel, which is defined as a liquid fuel derived from biomass. ACR’s feedstocks, however, are solids dissolved or suspended in water which suggests they do not meet the standard of a liquid fuel. In particular, the soy hulls could not even be suspended without addition of a suspension agent xanthan gum . The one exception, glycerin, was diluted with water by at least 50% which undermines any use (of it) as a combustible fuel

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