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The company I chose to track and do a business report over is Costco Wholesale Corporation. To start with some of the characteristics they wanted to ensure when opening it was a positive attitude always, fast paced working environment and to give the best customer service. The structure of Costco completely depends on the location and its needs. When constructing it takes the current status of the market and the future changes it might need to make. The products and services include many different things such as many bulk groceries, car supplies, gas pumps, jewelry department, and even an optical doctor station. As quoted from the Costco website “ Costco is known for carrying top-quality national and regional brands, with a 100% satisfaction …show more content…

Some previous history of Jeffrey Brotman is he might be one of the most important people in the foundation of Costco, but he was also seen as loving his family and friends,motivationally driven, and loved all around by everyone. He learned at a young age working at his parents clothing store what working hard and money could do. As he grew up he tried many things in college such as doing law for a few years and going back into retail, as well as opening a store with his brother. Later on he then soon gets married to Susan Thrailkill, who also has similar interests in retail as currently at Nordstrom rack. They married the same year and began traveling, and this is where the inspiration for Costco comes into play. Jeff previously saw a market with a grocery store and a clothing section combined all in one across seas and brought his inspiration and big ideas back to the US.. James is known as the cofounder of this whole operation, he learned of his passion for retail and business in college. James and Jeffrey built one of the world’s largest retail organizations that still continues to grow to this day. As he got older realized he needed to spend time with family and friends before the time …show more content…

The stock market from the last four weeks of following it, from the beginning price to the end price, showed an increase of 14% percent. With Costco being the company I chose, it was a cycle with the stock value numbers, the first week starting off with $49,650 and then the second week decreasing to $49,349 and the third week to 49,277 and finally back up increasing to $50,610. The other 2 companies that I was following as well were Starbucks and Walmart and those numbers increased every week as well. Some of the potential reasons for change in the numbers, is an increase in new inventory being added. Adding new vendors causes more people to shop and buy more. As well as people buying more in bulk especially with graduation season coming up and summer parties, needing more than what the average store will sell and with prices so great at Costco it is perfect.The outlook for the future, summer is coming up and it can be very busy will parties,events, back to school in August. The price will increase no doubt and may tend to slow down once back to school starts and many begin college and work as

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