Costco Mission Statement

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• Financial Information: Costco shoppers usually spend more than they expected. They typically spend over a $100 when they shop at Costco. The company had sales of $93 billion a year. Costco biggest seller is there meat market. They sell $4 half billion of year in meat, and they sell $55 million chickens. Costco also sells $4 billion in produce, $2 billion in TV’s, $35 million in prescriptions, and $3 million in glasses. • Company Vision/Mission/Values: Costco overall mission is to offer members quality goods at a low price. Also, Costco values their employees. Costco has a low employee turnover rate. They start there employees at $12 hour, and they offer their employees great health care coverage. • Target Market: According to the …show more content…

The type of products that Costco sell are groceries, apparel, electronics, auto and tires, computers and printers, office products, TV’s, toys, appliances, handbags, furniture, outdoor furniture, jewelry, electronics, health products, floral, and household and lawn items. They also offer different services, which includes, Photo Center, Pharmacy, Optical, Gasoline, and Home and Life services • Place: Costco warehouse stores is typically where they sell their products at. Also, Costco distributes its products on their online website, and on their mobile app, as well • Promotion: Costco warehouse is a membership only club, so it offers instant savings on some of their products on-line, and in-store. Also, Costco offers its customer free samples, it has caused an increase of sales within their company. • Price: Costco wants to be able to save shoppers money, by offering them low prices. Costco is 30% than any other supermarket retailers. Also, 15% of Costco products are under there, “Kirkland brand” which save shoppers money. • Competition: Costco top competitors are Sam’s Club, Walmart, and BJ’s Wholesale Club. They have several warehouses that offers similar merchandise, selections and prices, which includes Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale

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