Could Romeo And Juliet Have Been Prevented

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“For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” These are the famous last lines to Shakespeare’s famous tragedy “Romeo and Juliet,” but what if this tragic ending could have been prevented? Everyone that has ever read “Romeo and Juliet” knows the whole play is basically a series of “if this had happened, could they have lived?” The tragic ending of this play could have been prevented if Friar Laurence had given the letter to Balthasar, if Tybalt hadn’t gotten so angry about Romeo attending the Capulets’ party, if Romeo had thought rationally after he learned of Juliet’s death, and if Juliet had simply taken the potion that Friar Laurence had given her, a few hours earlier. Friar Laurence came up with this elaborate plan …show more content…

Since Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo became furious and killed Tybalt, which resulted in his banishment from Verona and the Capulets’ hatred for Romeo. Tybalt’s actions are what caused Romeo to be banished which caused Friar Laurence to make up his elaborate plan. This makes the reader call into question, “What would have happened if Tybalt had just let go that Romeo attended the party?” If Tybalt had simply just let go of the fact that Romeo attended the ball, then Tybalt wouldn’t have killed Mercutio. Mercutio’s death was the only reason that Romeo killed Tybalt, so if Mercutio hadn’t died, then Romeo wouldn’t have killed Tybalt. If Tybalt hadn’t died, then Romeo wouldn’t have been banished and hated by the Capulet family. If Romeo hadn’t been banished, then Romeo and Juliet could have, possibly, told their parents, who might have accepted their relationship, and lived a happy life …show more content…

Juliet took the potion right before she went to bed, and the potion put her in a deep sleep which made her body seem like she died. Juliet did her part correctly. However, at the end of the play, Juliet wakes up just moments after Romeo dies. This brings up the question, “What if Juliet took the potion a few hours, or even minutes, earlier?” If Juliet had taken the potion a few minutes earlier, then, she would have woken up right before Romeo took the potion which would have prevented the death of both lovers. If Juliet had taken the potion a few hours earlier, she would have woken up before Romeo arrived, so Romeo would have seen her alive as soon as he walked into the crypt. This would have also prevented the death of both

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