Roll My Thunder Hear My Cry Character Analysis

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Many People get bullied so they need courage to stand up for them self. In the book Roll My Thunder, Hear My Cry. Mildred D. Taylor uses Cassie as a courageous charter. Cassie is a courageous charter because She sticks up for her brother and facing her enemy lillian jean Simm's. Cassie proved that she was an outspoken girl. She loved her family. In her time not equal meant nothing to her. Cassie doesn't judge people. Cassie is the second oldest out of the Logan kids. …..Ouch, ouch, ouch,ouch. Are u willing to take a spanking for your sibling’s? Well Cassie Logan is. Cassie Was not afraid for what she believed what was right.This happend on page 27, “Miz Croker.” I said “ I don't want my book nether.” (Taylor, 27) This evidence shows that

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