Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Analysis

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Courage can be found where it is least expected. In her book, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred Taylor uses Cassie as an example courage. Courage is the ability to do something, even though you are frightened of doing it, which Cassie shows a lot throughout the book. Cassie is a little girl, who is very smart, sassy, and courageous. She stands up for what she believes and helps others that need a voice. Cassie showed courage when she stood up to Mr. Barnett, tried to help Little Man by explaining his actions, and helping T.J. when he betrayed their family. She has shown that is very courageous and outspoken girl by standing up for things that she believed, even if she knew what was going to happen to her for her speaking out. Also, she helps others if they do not deserve it or if they are in real trouble.
Have you ever had the courage to confront someone who wronged you? Well, Cassie Logan, a little black girl, stood up to Mr. Barnett, a white store owner, because he would not get to their order. This is because he was getting to the white people before them. She went up to him while he was taking an order, and asked why he was not getting to them. She did not understand why people were treated this way, so she went ahead and asked. It started an argument between the two, which was Cassie asking why it was taking a long time then Mr. Barnett calling her a name and telling her to leave. She was still not convinced that was the right thing, so she asked Stacey to help

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