Examples Of Perseverance In Fahrenheit 451

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The paper catches fire at 451 Degree. Fahrenheit 451 is a book about a thoratarn oppressive government which controls a place never told. Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury October 19, 1953 and was a fictional world based in 2049. Ray Bradbury wrote this book in the basement of a library for 90 cents. Montag in the book Fahrenheit shows courage and perseverance when he not only loses almost everything he owns but burns Beatty and his house too. What is perseverance? Perseverance is the steady persistence in a course of especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Perseverance is shown all over the world in many different aspects. Perseverance is especially shown in Fahrenheit 451 when Guy Montag loses …show more content…

We first see Guy’s perseverance when he meets a little girl called Clarisse. Montag thought “while at first he did not even know he missed her or was even looking for her, the fact was that by the time he reached the subway, there were vague stirrings of dis-ease in him.” Montag later finds out that Clarisse is dead. This news breaks Montag and is one of the main reasons why Montag rebels in the end.
What is Courage? Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain,without fear but with bravery. Bravery is not only when to be without fear but it is also to know when to take a life and when not to take a life that is what it means to be brave. Guy Montag shows bravery when he kills Beatty and the mechanical hound when he knows he will be hunted.
Guy Montag first shows courage in Fahrenheit 451 when he talks to Clarisse about how to change when no else will. “Montag places his hand on the woman's elbow and says, 'You can come with me. '”(Bradbury 39). Montag showed immenses courage because all the firefighters including Beatty were there when he showed compassion to a “criminal”. Montag steals a book from the old woman’s house and Beatty somewhat knows. Beatty sends a mechanical hound out to pursue Montag without him really

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