Cover Letter For An Application For The National Junior Honor Society

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My name is Caleneigh Fonseca. I would appreciate being considered for NJHS because I will be better able to aid my community, schoolmates, and future. I would be a great candidate for the National Junior Honor society. I believe this because I am hard-working, great with people, helpful, open-minded, and stand for what I believe in. One of the reasons I believe I would be a significant candidate for this position is that I am hard-working. I study and work hard to achieve my educational, financial, mental, and physical goals. I practice until I feel and have done the best of my ability and beyond. When I feel I have done well at something, I keep going knowing that I have only reached the minimum amount of success I can. Sometimes I can …show more content…

I am good at problem-solving, staying positive during stressful situations, leading people through difficult times, and being straightforward when I handle unfortunate problems. This reason is one of my best qualities I am open-minded. I am willing to consider new ideas and opinions without being biased. I will acknowledge all these thoughts and go through them while being unprejudiced. I have different concepts than others, yet incorporating others' desires or opinions on something is enjoyable to me. I enjoy hearing how all humans have their outlooks and point of view about everything and how we as human beings can differ and find common ground. The final motive that I hope will wholeheartedly enlighten you to make me a National Junior Honor Society member is that I stand for what I believe in. I fight for what I strongly think is right. When cafeteria tables got removed a few months ago, I wrote a petition to get more tables. I was able to get one hundred and twenty-two signatures. I fought for what I believed my peers at school needed. I would do whatever I possibly can do to get my message

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