Vastly Different Creation Myths

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There are hundreds of motifs scattered throughout the world about many vastly different creation myths. There are some myths linked with only a few motifs, and they originated from the same continent. Then there are also myths which originated from the other side of the world and share so many motifs one would think they were just a hundred miles away. With so many different motifs, it remains unclear and unproven as to how so many different cultures can share the same theory about how Earth and humans were created. Although there are so many fascinating motifs about the creation of the world and everything on it, I believe these three are the most common motifs shared by creation myths: nothingness (chaos) in the beginning of time, humans …show more content…

Another example would be the Japanese creation myth which says nothing existed except the ocean. If you were a person living in ancient Japan looking out over the ocean, it would look to be a great nothingness. Thus, the only connection they would be able to even begin to fathom would be that the world came to exist from a great nothingness. Motif #2: Humans Being Created From Organic Material I think so many creation myths used organic materials to explain the creation of humans for a couple different reasons. My first theory is because the earliest humans entire lives revolved around and depended on organic material. This makes total sense because literally everything from the shelter to their meals was all organic. There was not the option of hitting a Wal-Mart for new clothes or swinging through McDonald’s for a cheeseburger. Another example of humans being created from organic material is the ancient Mayans who thought their ancestors were made from white and yellow corn. My explanation of this is because their whole life revolved around the corn harvests being good every year. Like the Mayans, the Inuit creation myth claimed the first people came from a pea pod. I think this is because they relied on peas just like the Ancient Mayans relied on corn for

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