Creationism Vs Religion

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Creationism is a doctrine or theory holding that matter, the various forms of life, and the world

were created by God out of nothing and usually in the way described in Genesis. One prominent

characteristic of Creationism is the time or expansion of time that this theory relates to.

Creationism has many different meanings as one theory is that the universe was created

by God then left alone. Another being a deity that has been actively been in life since

the beginning of time. Then there is time and how old the Earth is. Many believe that

the Earth is millions of years old while less believe that it may only be a couple

thousand years old. Critics even argue over whether or not this is a part of science or

religion. The main enemy of …show more content…

They ask evolutionists, “how could have an event like this be created by the Earth

itself”? But evolutionists often reply with another question right on top of it.

Often the reason there are many tensions about a thought or idea it is because of the

interpretation of the statement. Flat Earthers believe that the Earth is flat or at least

thought this before there were pictures of our planet. But the reason they believed this

was because of their interpretation of the Bible when it referenced to the four corners

of the Earth and the circle of Earth. The reason interpretation is a prominent

characteristic of creationism is because it is very easy to change a slight thought in

your mind and become a part of geocentricism or a flat earther. Young Earth Christians

rely on the most direct and clear interpretation in the Bible. They are always using

Biblical textual evidence to back up claims rather than scientific evidence. Moreover,

Old Creationism is one of the most complex types of Creationism because they believe

that special creationism accepts the existence of an “old earth,” such that an ancient

earth is accepted, but not evolution itself. This requires rejecting a completely

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