Creative Writing: Forest Cabin

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Forest Cabin Project I remember Taylor and I were cleaning up after dinner, “I’m so stressed, I’m seeing my parents in a couple weeks. It bothers me so much that I always have to be perfect around them, I’m always so stressed around my family,” Taylor says. “Yeah, I’m sorry you have to go through that feeling. I know what it’s like, if you ever want to talk to anybody I’m here,” I say. “Thanks, I think Kaufman is telling a story, I’m going to listen if you want to come,” They say. “Oh yeah, sounds cool,” I agree. In all honesty, I’ve had enough of Kaufman and his stories, they’re so boring. “Gather around, gather around as I tell you a story,” Kaufman says. Oh, god, could this get any worse, he’s really annoying. I think of everything that’s …show more content…

I don’t want to lose them, what if something goes wrong, what if I get lost or what if… what if the story is true. But I won’t, there’s no way this dumb story is true I reassure myself. I take a couple steps away from the fire, turn on the flashlight and set off. I don’t remember how long I walked for, but I finally reached the old cabin. One thing Kaufman was right about was how old and creepy the cabin seemed. A chill goes down my spine, I shiver, something didn’t feel right. I spun around expecting someone to be standing behind me with a knife. Nobody is there I tell myself as I continued to the cabin. Every step I took towards the cabin made the story seems more real, the government signs were surrounding the entrance. The stairs creaked and I thought that I might fall through. Taking a deep breath, I open the door, creaking as it pivots on its rusty hinges. I step inside carefully. Upon looking around, I gasp and realize everything was exactly the way Kaufman described it, except the eerie bust he spoke of. It was still there, put together and dusty. I examine all parts of the room, on the floor a small square of carpet was peeled back. I kneel down examining what looked like a secret door of sorts. “There is no way I’m opening that,” I think as I slowly lifted myself up from my crouching position and bump into something. But wait, it’s not something, it’s someone! I spin around and feel cold hands grab my wrists. I’ve never screamed louder in my life. I felt the hand clamp around my mouth. “Why are you here? Don’t you know this is a federal property you’re trespassing on? All these kids thinking they can just walk in here and not get punished. It’s happened twice and that’s twice too many times. This time you’ll pay, you hear?” The mysterious man yells at me. I face the door and hear my friends banging open the door and screaming. They rush towards us, trying to remove the man from me, but only to be swatted

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