Creative Writing Forestland

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I 'm buckled down to the seat in the back, total darkness around me with only a slot hole to communicate to the people in front. I can 't move my arms or legs at all, with only slight leverage to tilt my body forwards. This was enough though. I could see the horizon if I pushed my head up against the tiny gap, maybe the size of a cigarette. Outlined beside it was two big seats with, what could 've been males or bulky, short-haired women, sitting in them. Everything was silent aside from the muffled crackling radio and I could finally see my surroundings. Still bright out, a bit overcast with the sun occasionally poking through. Trees towered over the vehicle from both sides, looking like they came from acres of forest. The road was two lanes but stretching wide across and longer than your eyes could see, never ending into the abyss of forestland. …show more content…

Although, right at the end of the our path, reaching high above any of the trees and heading straight for the clouds was the most magnificent sight I have ever laid my eyes on. It had layers of snow spotted around it and was as large as the whole world to me. The triangle shape covered the middle of the sky and I felt like it was just hovering there, letting me watch it. Made completely out of probably a grey rock, it looked tough and daunting. I wanted to ask my captures where we were heading or what in fact was this giant piece of rock was, but it was too risky. For now I will just enjoy being able to at least see something else other than pitch black space. Sitting back in my seat, I imagined what it would be like wondering around this area; standing at the base of the oak wood, looking up to see millions of leaves sprouting off of skeletal arms and fingers. Next would be the tarmac which made the road, seeming like it would take years to cross to the other side. I don 't think I could reach the rocky object all the way in the sky, but I could admire it from afar, staring up in all my

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