Creon And Haemon Relationship Essay

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“Positive anything is better than negative nothing” - Elbert Hubbard. After reading through the text in the play “Antigone” by Sophocles, To understand this amazing man I will be analyzing the similarities between Haemon and myself. In these paragraphs below I will describe the physicalities, the appearance, and the relationship he had with everyone. These will be how Haemon grew up, what his appearance was like, and the relationship he had with others around him. Haemon and myself share the same feelings about being positive and making other people happy. We like to see other people be happy and feel good and think positively more than negatively. I found comparing myself and Haemon from Antigone was rather difficult because there are just some things that I did not know about Haemon. There were some physical things I found that were quite enthralling. Haemon had to go through a form of physical training which taught him how to be a man and be disciplined. Haemon has brown hair and blue eyes. Some people mention people with blue eyes make people happy. Believing in god was a major component in living back then. Haemon was talking with Creon and Creon aforementioned, "With justice, when all that I do is within my rights." Haemon replied because …show more content…

He got along with them considerably well. Haemon was contemplated as being important to his friends and family because they believed he had a big part in life. Haemon being king was part of his army's team and was seen as a leader and was very important to them. I am part of a football team and some look at me as one of the leaders of the team and say that I play a big part on the team. I like to look at myself as a big part of the team because it gives me motivation to play better. Haemon had to be a better king and lead his army to victory and not let anyone down. As one can see from the information above Haemon was not the mean king everyone thought he

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